Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dyslexia: Get diagnosed

Psychological Assessments for all Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia etc).

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Diagnostic assessment for Specific Learning Difficulties, such as dyslexia is an in-depth (3-4 hour) assessment designed to identify the pattern of individual strengths and weaknesses. The resulting detailed report helps to understand how an individual learns and gives recommendations for support, such as exam accommodations, in the form of extra time, use of a computer or a scribe and tutorial support. The types of support can include funding from Local Education Authorities in the form of Disabled Student Allowance.  The assessments for children and adults take place in a private clinic room set in Roundhay, Leeds.  

I am approved by the British Psychological Society as a Chartered Psychologist (Educational specialism) to assess for Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and related Specific Learning Difficulties.

£350 for a 3-4 hour Specific Learning Difficulties test.
 call 07970 126670 or email