Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What is Transactional Analysis?

TA is an approach to psychotherapy. Transactional analysis defines the basic unit of social exchange as a "transaction." There are three "ego states" from which transactions emanate-that of a "Parent", an "Adult", or a "Child." 

The transactions between individuals can be classified as complementary, crossed or ulterior, based where within the communicator they originate, and where within the listener they are intended to make contact.  

The transactional analysis framework has become a popular means of helping people to assess the nature and effectiveness of their interpersonal behavior. By striving for more adult-to-adult transactions, leaving it so that 'I'm OK & You're OK.  People can eliminate many of the "games people play."

Gill Hebb trained at the Metanoia Institute ( and the Leeds Psychotherapy Training Institute (  I've completed the required training in order to proceed to take her CTA (CERTIFIED TRANSACTIONAL ANALYST) examination in the next 18 months; until them she refers to herself as a "Trainee Transactional Analyst with Psychotherapy speciality".   

Gill uses Transactional Analysis (TA) in all areas of her work; psychotherapy, psychology, working in the field of dyslexia; teaching, training & development, etc. 

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